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In the event of inclement weather:
As soon as a decision is reached regarding closing of the store or postponement of lessons, info will be available here on our website, and on our voicemail (at 203-259-7615). Generally, we'll also try to email any students whose lessons are postponed.
Lessons will be made up at your regular day and time by extending the spring semester into the week of June 24 (and beyond, if necessary).

As of 3/5/19, we have had four snow days so far:
Monday, 3/4 will be made up on Monday, 6/24.
Tuesday, 2/12 will be made up on Tuesday, 6/25.
Wednesday, 1/30 will be made up on Wednesday, 6/26.
Wednesday, 2/20 will be made up on Wednesday, 7/3.
Thursday, 11/15 will be made up on Thursday, 6/27.

Even more info about weather-related stuff is posted below (scroll down).

2019 Recital info:
Save the date:
Our 2019 Spring recitals will be held on Sunday, June 2, at the Unitarian Church in Westport. Exact times will be published as soon as they're confirmed. (We invite our piano, voice, cello, brass and woodwind students to perform in a recital.)

All students are encouraged to please check our calendar page for other important dates.

The spring 2019 is underway! Limited times are still available. Please contact us for additional info.

What's up with "The Gig Center"?

We're very pleased to once again be teaching students to play and create music as a group. Our band program is called The Gig Center at Westport.

Music Center customers should know that you can always reach us at our regular phone number or email address, but if you're inquiring about The Gig Center, we recommend calling our dedicated Gig line, at (203) 292-8934 to inquire about participation in one of our bands.

We have set up a separate web site for The Gig Center:
We also have a facebook page.

We've done a lot of renovation to the back area of the Music Center! We're fully equipped with PA's, great amps, microphones, etc. We have the space and personnel to engage students in a variety of fun & educational musically-related activities while they're here.

We hope you'll take a moment to check out the website, maybe like us on facebook, and hopefully enroll in one of our exciting programs. We look forward to hearing from you.

With thanks,

Steve & Chris
Westport Music


Remembering Dr. Franklyn Sasloe
While some of our newer clients and students did not get to know "Dr. Frank", those who have known us just a bit longer undoubtedly remember his presence at the Music Center, as he continued to work almost every day well into his 80's. A career music educator, Frank left an indelible mark on our lesson program, to say the least. Since acquiring the Westport Music Center in 1982 (along with his son, current WMC director Steve Sasloe), Frank brought over sixty years of teaching experience to our school. He received his Ed.D. from Columbia University (after serving in the Navy during WWII), and spent ten years as a Music Education Professor at Manhattanville College. Dr. Sasloe was also the Head of the Music Department for the Bedford Central School District in Westchester County, NY. The outpouring of support from dozens of former students on facebook (starting on March 1, 2018) speaks to the lasting influence Frank had on so many lives. Both a dedicated student and teacher of music, Frank was especially influential in the development and growth of our lesson program at the Westport Music Center. Simply put, his supervision ensured the highest standards of musical education. His philosophies remain at the core of our approach to making lessons enjoyable and productive. His joyful spirit and love of learning remain a guiding light and inspiration. Going forward, we'll honor Frank's memory as he would have wanted: by bringing the joy of music to future generations.

Dr. Franklyn Sasloe (seated) with (from left) his son,
WMC Director Steve Sasloe, and grandsons, Taylor,
Ryan and Kyle Sasloe, all of whom are involved in
various capacities at Westport Music.


Looking ahead to potential weather-related closures/postponed lessons:

  • All postponed lessons will be made up by extending the spring semester.
  • We do not necessarily follow the Westport Public Schools closures, delays, early dismissals, etc.
  • In the event that we do postpone lessons, we will update our website and voicemail immediately. The website will offer brief info on our homepage, with further details here on our current events page. We also update the "hours" page regarding store closures, etc. The voicemail can be reached at (203) 259-7615.
  • In the event of widespread power outages, we may not be able to update the website. (Also, you may not have internet access.) However, we are generally able to update the voicemail. So...if we're experiencing bad weather and the website does not have up-to-date information, please try to give us a call at (203) 259-7615.
  • The Westport Music Center has a facebook page and twitter account! In the event of crazy weather, you could also check for updates there:
    twitter: @wsptmusic, In the event that we have internet service, but are unable to update our website here at, we'll post any news on the facebook page and on twitter.


Recitals are for piano, brass, woodwind, voice, violin, viola, cello, and string bass students. Guitar, electric bass, and drum students do not have recitals. Student participation is encouraged, but not mandatory.
Recitals are generally held on Sundays near the end of the spring semester, at the Unitarian Church in Westport. Info regarding the 2018 recital schedule will be posted here as soon as any details are available.


Merritt Parkway:
Take Exit 42. Head North on Route 57 for .8 of a mile. At the traffic light, make a right onto Lyons Plain Road. The church is 1/4 mile on the right

Take exit 17. Make a left onto Route 33 North. Follow Route 33 North for two miles until Route 33 intersects with Route 57 at the Kings Highway traffic light. Turn right onto Route 57 North. Follow 57 North for 1.5 miles until you reach the Exit 42 underpass for the Merritt Parkway. Follow the directions from the Merritt Parkway, above.

The Unitarian Church:

Be sure to check our calendar and or business hours regarding closures, holiday-season hours, summer hours and lesson scheduling.

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