Business Hours

Monday - Thursday: 11am to 7pm
Friday: 11am to 5pm
Saturday: 10am to 4pm
Sunday: CLOSED

be aware that internet sites like Yelp and Google Business do not always have our business hours or closures posted correctly!

On the phone: (203) 259-7615
Please feel free to call us anytime. If no one's available, we have 24-hour voicemail. We check our messages often, and we will return calls as quickly as possible.

Please note: School hours (lesson times) may differ from store hours.
Later lesson times may be available.

Regarding weather-related closures:

  • If we close due to weather, we will update our website and voicemail immediately. The website will offer brief info on our homepage, with further details on our current events page. The voicemail can be reached at (203) 259-7615.
  • In the event of widespread power outages, we may not be able to update the website. (Also, you may not have internet access.) However, we are generally able to update the voicemail. So...if we're experiencing bad weather and the website does not have up-to-date information, please try to give us a call at (203) 259-7615.
  • The Westport Music Center has a facebook page! In the event of crazy weather, you could also check for updates there: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Westport-Music-Center/434568013292848. In the event that we have internet service, but are unable to update our website here at westportmusic.com, we'll post any news on the facebook page.
  • We do not necessarily follow the Westport Public Schools closures, delays, early dismissals, etc.
  • All postponed lessons will be made up by extending the spring semester.

The Music Center is generally CLOSED (with no lessons scheduled) on the following days:

Labor Day

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur

Thanksgiving Day

December 25 & 26

New Year's Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day (July 4).

ALSO: There are NO LESSONS the Friday and Saturday before Easter, and store hours are 10 to 4.

Please be sure to see our calendar page regarding our lesson schedule. There are days when the Music Center is OPEN, but there are NO scheduled lessons.

Monday - Thursday: 11am to 6pm
Friday: 11am to 4pm
Saturday: 11am to 4pm
Sunday: CLOSED

Hours are subject to change without notice!



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