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Inquiring about lessons? When you call or visit, we'll be glad to answer any questions. First, read through this information, so you’ll have a sense of how our program works. You’ll also want to have some idea of when you’re available, as finding a convenient day and time is typically the toughest part of the registration process. Once enrolled, students who wish to continue are automatically re-registered each semester.

Scheduling & Tuition:
During the school year, lessons are offered on a semester basis. Students register for the entire semester, or all the lessons remaining in the semester. Lessons are given weekly, and are all private (one-on-one) sessions. Once registered, students take their lessons at the same day and time each week. Our fall 2018 semester began on September 4, and runs through the week of January 28. The spring 2019 semester runs February 4 through June 15. Call or stop in, and we’ll gladly let you know what days & times are available. (Our phone: 203-259-7615)

The tuition is pro-rated, so if you join after the semester has begun, you only pay for the remaining lessons in the semester.
The per-lesson rates are as follows:
$45.00 for each 30-min lesson; $67.50 for 45-min*; $90.00 per hour.

To calculate your tuition, we multiply the per-lesson amount by the number of lessons in the semester, plus a $20.00 registration fee (assessed once per family each semester). Tuition for the entire semester (or all remaining lessons) is payable in full upon registration, unless you register more than 30 days before the semester begins, in which case you may reserve your time by leaving a deposit. Once enrolled, students may keep their existing times by reregistering during April for the following fall, and November for the upcoming spring. Leaving a deposit reserves your time for the upcoming semester. The balance of the tuition is due before the start of the semester; you'll receive a notice/invoice via email prior to that time reminding you about any balance due.

Deposits (per student) are as follows:
$400.00 for 30-min lessons;
$600.00 for 45-min lessons*;
$800.00 for 60-min lessons

You may pay by check or credit card. We require that a credit card number be left on file, regardless of your mode of payment. As noted above, beginning 30 days before the start of a semester, tuition is payable in full upon registration. Existing students are automatically re-registered in November for the following spring semester, and in April for the following fall. Simply notify us if you do not wish to continue, or if you prefer to pay by a mode other than the credit card that is on file. You'll always be reminded via email regarding registration times, and notified of dates by which we require any information.

Make-Up Week:
We designate the final week of each semester as make-up week. This means that we do not charge you tuition for the final lesson. It serves as a make-up lesson for one that you might have missed during the semester. Please note that this is the only make-up we guarantee, regardless of how many lessons you miss. (We do not offer a make-up to students joining in the final 5 weeks of the semester; that week’s lesson would be reflected in the tuition.) We do work with families to the best of our ability to reschedule or make up missed lessons to whatever extent our mutual availability permits.

Summer Lessons:
During the summer, lessons are offered Mondays thru Thursdays. Summer lessons generally begin around the first week of July, and run through the 3rd or 4th week of August. Details regarding exact starting and ending dates are available the preceding April. Summer registration generally begins on May 1. During the summer, we do not work on a semester basis, meaning you may simply register for as many or as few lessons as you wish. Tuition is payable in full when you schedule summer lessons. The tuition per lesson is the same as during the school year. Visit our summer page for details.

To register for lessons, visit us in person or call us at (203) 259-7615.


*REGARDING 45-MINUTE LESSONS: Opportunities for 45-minute lessons contingent on scheduling availability. WMC may not offer a 45 minute lesson in a 60-minute time slot.

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