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As of 9/6/19, on-line rental requests are no longer being accepted. We have rented out all of our instruments. Please do NOT submit the form provided below.

There are 3 easy ways to reserve a rental instrument for the 2019/2020 school year:

1. Use the following on-line form (below) to submit your information directly by email. Please note that for your security, we do not accept credit card information via email. We'll reserve your instrument, and follow up regarding credit card information. We will also confirm whether your instrument will be delivered directly to your school, or if you'll pick it up at the Music Center.

2. Give us a call at (203) 259-7615 and provide the necessary information over the phone.

3. Download our simple rental form by clicking here. Print the form, fill it out, and return it to us in person. WE WILL NEED TO CONFIRM AVAILABILITY OF THE INSTRUMENT YOU REQUEST.

See our main "Rental" page for prices and general information about our rental program. Note that the percussion/bell kit is not a rental item. That's a PURCHASE, for $295.00 plus tax.

The form below is for school-year rentals. Parents of students taking "band" or "orchestra" in the greater Westport/Weston/Fairfield (etc) area may fill in the required info and submit the form to reserve an instrument. All other types of rental inquiries should be made by calling the Westport Music Center at (203) 259-7615.
Instruments for Westport Public Schools 4th grade orchestra and 5th grade band programs are delivered to the schools. All other rentals are to be picked up at the Westport Music Center.

Please click here if you wish to email us with a question or comment before submitting your rental info.

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School Band or Orchestra Instrument Rental: Customer Information.

(* = required info)
Parent or Guardian First Name *
Parent or Guardian Last Name *
Email Address *
Home Phone *
Alternate Phone
Home Address *
City *
State *
Zip *
Student First Name *
Student Last Name *
School *
Grade (in September 2019) *
Instrument *
Book *
($6.95-$12.95 + tx depending on school & instrument)
 Yes, please include the appropriate music book  
 No thanks; please don't include the book. 
Stand *
($12.95 + tx)
 Yes, please include a music stand (for use at home).  
 No thanks; please don't include a music stand. 
Shoulder Rest *
 Yes, please include the appropriate size shoulder rest for the violin or viola.  (If renting a violin or viola, you need this!)
 No, please don't include a shoulder rest for violin or viola. (If you're not renting a violin or viola, please select this option.)  

Rock Stop *
(cello: $13.95)
(bass: $16.95)

 Yes, please include a rock stop for my cello or string bass. (If you are renting a bass or cello, you really need a rock stop!)  
 No, please don't include a rock stop for cello or string bass. (If you're not renting a cello or string bass, please select this option.) 

* Percussion/Bell Kit is not a rental item. This is a PURCHASE: one-time charge of $295.00 plus tax.

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