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Gift Items
We have been stocking more stuff like T-shirts, Ornaments, Pins, Book Bags, Pads, Pencils, Clothing, Cups, Statuettes, Conductor Batons, Instrument Case Tags, and much more. Call if you have questions about particular items: (203) 259-7615.

Most folks have embraced the buying (and selling) of musical instruments online. Even before the internet, we were never all that much of a source for musical instruments. (We did sell our share of guitars back in the day, though). Today, we focus more on renting instruments and even loaning instruments to students enrolled in our lesson programs. We no longer stock very many guitars or even "miscellaneous" instruments, although we do sometimes keep things like harmonicas and recorders, as well as percussion instruments like tambourines, claves, egg shakers, and triangles on hand. Percussion accessories include sticks, mallets, drum heads and mufflers, practice pads, hardware accessories, etc.
Call or email us regarding specific availability.

We make an effort to carry a lot of the basic musical accessories. Here's a fairly comprehensive list of our product offerings. These items are generally on hand, but customers are strongly encouraged to confirm the availability of any particular item.

General Accessories
Cases for various instruments, Cords/Cables, Electronic Tuners, Instrument Stands, Metronomes, and sometimes Microphones, Microphone Stands & Clips, Music Stands, Music Stand Lights, Paper (Manuscript, Score and Parts Paper), and more.

Violin, Viola, Cello, String Bass Accessories
Cases, Cleaners & Polishes, Case Hygrometers (Humidity Gauges), Tailpieces and Hangers, Fine Tuners, Humidifiers, Peg Compound, Mutes, Rock Stops, Shoulder Rest Case Pouches, Pick ups (for amplification)

Thomastik (including Dominant, Vision, Bel Canto, Infeld, and Spirocore), D'Addario (Including Prelude, Helicore, and Zyex), Pirastro (including Gold Label, Black Label, Oliv, Evah Pirazzi, Eudoxa, Obligato, Chromcor, Chromcor +, Goldstahl, and Tonica), Supersensitive, Larson, Jargar, Hill, Westminster, Prim

Becker, Goldflex, Pops, Pirastro, Supersensitive, Hidersine, Carlson, Meisel Hypoallergenic, Kaplan Art Kraft, Mozart, Hill, Gustav Bernadelle, Petz, Larson

Shoulder Rests:
Kun, Poland, Viva, Willie Wolf, Wee Bad, Kadenza, Playonair, Purple Sponge, Bon Musica, Mach One, Muco

Chin Comforters:
Strad Pad, Chin Chum 

Carbon Fiber; Fiberglass with horsehair; Brazilwood round and octagonal; Pernumbuco round and octagonal; French and German grip bass bows

Guitar Accessories (also: electric bass, pedal steel, misc. fretted instruments)
Electric & Acoustic Guitar Strings, Bass Guitar Strings, Banjo Strings, Ukulele Strings, Capos (Shubb, Kayser), Picks, Finger Picks, Straps, Cables, Polishes, Humidifiers, Acoustic Guitar Pickups, Gig Bags, Case Hygrometers (Humidity Gauges), Strap Buttons, Strap Locks, Pickguards, etc.

Brass Accessories
Mouthpieces, Valve Oil, Tuning Slide & Trombone Slide Oils and Creams, Silver & Laquer Polishing Cloths, Cup, Straight, Plunger, Wah, and French Horn Stop Mutes, Mouthpiece Cleaning Brushes, Mouthpiece Carrying Pouches, Mouthpiece Protectors, Instrument Cleaning Snakes, Valve Guards & Grips, Marching Lyres, Marching Flip Folders

Woodwind Accessories
Rico (Regular, Royal, Jazz Select, Grand Concert Select); Vandoren (Regular, v16, ZZ, Java, v12, White Master, Black Master); Mitchell Lurie (regular, premium); La Voz. Also, Oboe & Bassoon Reeds by: Jones, Fibercane, La Voz, and Meason.

Mouthpieces, Cork Greases, Key Oil & Bore Oil, Silver & Laquer Polishing Cloths, Neck Straps, Pad Savers, Mouthpiece Cleaning Brushes, Mouthpiece Lip Savers, Thumb Rest Cushions, Open Hole Flute Plugs, Cleaning Rods (for Flute, Piccolo & Recorder), Key Extenders, Bo Pep Thumb Guides & Finger Saddles, Pad Savers, Humidifiers

Drum Accessories
We carry a variety of drum and percussion accessories including sticks, miscellaneous percussion instruments, hardware and more. Brand names include Remo, Gibralter, Vic Firth, and others.

Print Music
Many of you may recall that we used to stock the area's largest selection of print music.
Due to the poularity of online commerce, we are no longer able to stock as wide a variety of print music and instruction books. However, since we are moving away from keeping so much print music on hand, much of what we have available is drastically reduced in price. We may also be able to special order or "print on demand" some specific pieces of music. Please feel free to come take a look around, or call us regarding specific availability.

Special interest categories that we still have some examples of in stock include Broadway vocal selection books and scores, operatic scores, symphonic and vocal scores, and study scores. Collections of art songs, arias, and vocal training books are also available. Additionally, we have special sections for children's music including easy, big-note, and five finger piano books. Suzuki books & recordings are also available.

We have lots of "fake" books (jazz, rock, classical, wedding, etc), including C, B-flat, E-flat, and bass clef books. We also carry collections of various types of folk and ethnic music.

We stock books for music lessons on practically all instruments:
Piano Lesson Books
Guitar Lesson Books
Violin Lesson Books
Drum Lesson Books
Sax Lesson Books
Etc, etc, etc!

Al Cass, Archive, Bach, Belmonte, Besson, Boss, Buffett, Conn, Hamilton, Harmon, Hill, Holton, Humes & Berg, K&M, King, KMD, LeBlanc, Manhassett, Meisel, Mighty Bright, Passantino, Peterson, Saga, Schilke, Seiko, Shure, SKB, Superslick, Tom Crown, Reunion Blues, Universal, V-tech,Wireless Wonder, Wittner, Yamaha

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